Smart Lipo After Pictures Update

I am truly sorry that I haven’t posted in a while. Not a whole lot has changed in terms of my body as of late. Well, that’s not entirely true. I’ve been working on my tan – and let’s be honest, everything looks better tan! I’ve also put on a few pounds. I’m not sure if it’s due to the stress at work or the sheer amounts of alcohol I’ve consumed as a result of that stress. Either way – I’m up to 187lbs, which is clearly not where I want to be. I’ve decided it’s time to redirect my energy and start using exercise as an outlet instead of alcohol. It’s not an excuse, but some days I just want to go out with friends and vent about all the things that are stressing me out – and as a society, what do we do to be social – either go to a bar for drinks or a restaurant for food. I did get my best friend to join the gym but that presented another problem – too much talking and not enough working out. Like with everything in life, it’s about finding balance right?
Ok ok, enough rambling … here’s the pics .. these were taken 10 minutes ago 🙂

As you can see in the image below, there is still obvious areas of opportunity!

People say I have a swimmers build, I see it more as a football player build – but what can you do?

For the purposes of giving viewers the most consistency, I’ve always posted pictures wearing the same thing.  It’s a cheap $10 bathing suit from Walmart.  I don’t feel sexy or confident in it.  I think that comes across in the pictures, even when they’re staged for the purposes of this site.

I think every woman will agree, it doesn’t matter what the scale says .. you could be at your thinnest but still feel gross and bloated.  If you’re not confident in what you’re wearing, you’re not going to feel sexy or attractive… here’s a different bathing suit shot that demonstrates how important it is to find something that you feel flatters your body, not just one that fits!

The stretch marks are there to stay, but I’m slowly coming to terms with it.
There are definite times when I feel sexier half naked then I do with clothes on – which for a former fat girl, is pretty impressive lol .. I know in this picture I weighed 185lbs, but no man would ever believe it.

Regardless of what the scale says, you know what effort you’re putting in to your health – you just have to own it.  I know that I’ve been slacking hardcore the last couple months.  If I don’t lose any weight on the scale in the next couple months but my diet and exercise is what it should be, I’ll be happy with me.  You just have to rock what you got 🙂

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SmartLipo After – My Body – Today

My Body – Today

I’m sorry I haven’t updated pictures in a while.  Not a whole lot has changed other than the fact that I started working out again and went from 165lbs at the time of the procedure to 180lbs today.  I’m still in my size 8 pants but I can feel the difference.  My stomach feels swollen all the time for the extra weight.  No one else can tell because I still wear the body garment but I have got to do something to lose at least 10 lbs.  I’m extremely stressed out right now in my home life which I think is a driving factor, but come the 1st I’m moving so fingers crossed, life will improve tremendously.

Now this picture below, is with the flash on so it looks different than the one directly beneath it even though they were taken seconds apart.

This is what I mean when I talk about dimples on my stomach or bumpy looking.  It’s not flat and smooth.  Unfortunately, you never know how the skin is going to reattach itself to the muscle.

You can see that I still have some skin elasticity issues the way the skin hangs over the bikini bottom in this picture.  You can’t really grab anything on my stomach, even when I bend over, but the skin just refuses to be taunt.  Remember, I have been bigger than most kids my whole life, and got up to 243lbs at age 26.  Genetics is also a factor.  If I had Italian in me I’ve been told my skin would have more elasticity from all the oil in my skin.  Who knows!

Now every woman knows everything looks better tan!  I’ll see how I feel after I go tanning a few times.  My friends want to go on a cruise and everyone thinks I’m retarded because I still wear a one piece bathingsuit.  Maybe this time I’ll be brave but I can’t be this white! LOL
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Thank you!!!


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Divas Half Marathon Series

Well, I decided to give the Divas Half Marathon series another try. The one in San Francisco was very disappointing but I have read other reviews from other races and they seemed to be much better.

My best friend lives in DC where her husband is stationed. I’ve been wanting to go visit as I’ve never been. I know, who at the age of 32 hasn’t been to the capital.

I saw on Facebook that they have a race in Wine Country in DC…if I ever needed a reason 😉

My friend is 5’9″ and close to 300lbs. We has just talked about how she had decided to get the lap band. I will 100% support her decision as I know she’s been battling her weight for a long time. I discussed with her the importance of making a life style change and not just expecting this is going to solve her problem.

When I saw this half marathon, I thought it would be a great motivator. Who doesn’t like having something to work towards?

We are both really excited (and so is her husband)!!! Completing my first half marathon was a HUGE accomplishment for me! It brought such a sense of accomplishment. It’s something that I hope she will be able to experience for herself. 🙂

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Thighs One Month Out

I’m sorry I haven’t been real good about updating the after pictures. I got a promotion at work and it’s been keeping me VERY busy but I love it 🙂

As for the procedure, the skin is still not completely back to normal from the Laser Resurfacing.  The skin isn’t perfect, but I’m giving it more time before I make any decisions.

This first picture is from the 25th .. it shows the skin issues I am referring to

Here are two pictures from today.  Tomorrow will be exactly one month out.

You can see from the side view that there is absolutely no bulge anymore!  I can actually wear dress pants to work now.  It’s amazing 🙂

There is still a lot of healing going on.  I’m going through the hardening and softening still.  Some days it looks good and others I am like, ugh.  I know that it is just going to take time.  I really need a tan too.  Everything looks better tan 🙂 lol .. but I don’t want to make it appear better than it is for the purposes of giving the most realistic after results.



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The Thighs Today .. Day 10 for them

Ok so it’s been 10 days since I had my thighs done .. day 13 since I had my upper body done again.  Here is what they look like now.  You can see what I mean about the skin not looking as good now as it did 3 days ago right after taking the garment off.

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Day 10 After Pictures

The thighs have definitely improved a lot, but they don’t look as good as they do in the last picture here.  These were taken right after the garment was taken off.  I’ve been wearing it less and less, so things haven’t been as “held tight” if you will.  It didn’t seem to be making a lot of difference so I made a judgment call.  The doctor will likely tell me that the body was still making improvements, but I have been through this enough to know that if it doesn’t happen in the first

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