Chia Seeds for appetite control

I’m almost done with my first pound of Chia seeds. I have to say, I’m completely impressed with how well they help to curb my appetite.

I’m a girl that could eat all day. As a former member of the fat girls club, there are still some bad habits that I haven’t been able to completely shake. Like eating when I’m bored, stressed or sad. I had done really well with turning to exercise to work past those moments, but now that I don’t work from home anymore, it’s hard to be able to just go for a run when I’m feeling stressed or pissy. So now, I just try to keep any “snack” like foods. I have barely any good in my house. If its there, I’ll eat it even if I’m not hungry. I know, it’s terrible!

The month of March is going to be a challenge for me. I’m embarking on a challenge of no soda, no sweets of any kind (even those made of healthy things – I need to break the cycle!) and a rigorous workout regiment. I need to not only change the foods I’m eating but also cut back on how much I eat. This is where the Chia seeds are going to come into play!

I’ve made them the first part of any meal. This way I’m already feeling a little full before I start eating so I won’t eat as much. Getting accustomed to smaller meals is going to be a challenge but it certainly is not impossible!

I strongly recommend Chia seeds if you’re looking to curb your appetite! They’re not cheap but worth every penny. Like I said in a previous post, I simply pour the scoop into my mouth and take a swig of water to wash them down. I can’t let them become jelly like first and then eat them. It grosses me out lol but to each their own!!


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2 Responses to Chia Seeds for appetite control

  1. Is it working? – I’m thinking about trying them after reading how they can also boost energy when running. I’ve fallen into the trap of eating more when I’m exercising more so I’m not seeing any weight loss.

    • I’ll definitely keep you posted. I’m just starting to get back into distance running so we’ll see if it really helps with hydration and energy. A girl I work with said she could definitely tell she had more energy after starting to take them. I usually have a good amount of energy so I haven’t really seen a huge change.

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