Thighs One Month Out

I’m sorry I haven’t been real good about updating the after pictures. I got a promotion at work and it’s been keeping me VERY busy but I love it 🙂

As for the procedure, the skin is still not completely back to normal from the Laser Resurfacing.  The skin isn’t perfect, but I’m giving it more time before I make any decisions.

This first picture is from the 25th .. it shows the skin issues I am referring to

Here are two pictures from today.  Tomorrow will be exactly one month out.

You can see from the side view that there is absolutely no bulge anymore!  I can actually wear dress pants to work now.  It’s amazing 🙂

There is still a lot of healing going on.  I’m going through the hardening and softening still.  Some days it looks good and others I am like, ugh.  I know that it is just going to take time.  I really need a tan too.  Everything looks better tan 🙂 lol .. but I don’t want to make it appear better than it is for the purposes of giving the most realistic after results.



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