Divas Half Marathon Series

Well, I decided to give the Divas Half Marathon series another try. The one in San Francisco was very disappointing but I have read other reviews from other races and they seemed to be much better.

My best friend lives in DC where her husband is stationed. I’ve been wanting to go visit as I’ve never been. I know, who at the age of 32 hasn’t been to the capital.

I saw on Facebook that they have a race in Wine Country in DC…if I ever needed a reason 😉

My friend is 5’9″ and close to 300lbs. We has just talked about how she had decided to get the lap band. I will 100% support her decision as I know she’s been battling her weight for a long time. I discussed with her the importance of making a life style change and not just expecting this is going to solve her problem.

When I saw this half marathon, I thought it would be a great motivator. Who doesn’t like having something to work towards?

We are both really excited (and so is her husband)!!! Completing my first half marathon was a HUGE accomplishment for me! It brought such a sense of accomplishment. It’s something that I hope she will be able to experience for herself. 🙂

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